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 We're on the case. 
 Private Investigators & former Detectives 
 ParaMilitary Operators & Intelligence

all Working for you.

We are an independent,

private intelligence agency_

Whether you are an individual, a corporation or government looking to investigate the nefarious actions of a third party, or you need to audit internal operations, find fraudulent activity, move high value persons or assets from high risk areas to more friendly locales or simply need locate a specific individual, artifact, property or confirm if you are being spied on, we are the best at what we do. Call us. <||> from Surveillance to Detection, Investigation to Forensics - we are SIA...former spooks, current patriots.

a Private Intelligence Agency






[ Domestic Affairs ]


Stop wondering if you are being lied to or cheated on; keep your sanity, contact us and we'll confirm your suspicions and give you an exit strategy

[ Computer Forensics ]


We employ the best computer technicians and expert 'hackers' in the business; don't be fooled, find out for sure; contact us and we'll confirm

[ Criminal Investigations ]


Corporation? Government? Individual? Think you are being taken? Find out for sure; contact us and we'll verify

[ Missing Persons ]


Disappeared? Absconded with funds, property, or simply vanished; those who are on the run or have gone missing can always be found. Talk to us

[ Fraud & Insurance ]


The bad guys always think they have one up on you; take back your power and confirm your concerns

[ Surveillance ]


Our surveillance teams are the best in the business and get the data and information you need. Be informed. Knowledge is Power






Unbelievable how accurate SIA was in the information they gathered. They saved us millions and we got the culprit in our company who thought he was smarter than us. Thank you.

T. Franklin

We don't always know who's watching us. I thought we were being spied on, but SIA confirmed that we were and how they were getting the information. G.H. Bass

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