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Asset Recovery | Tactical Protection | 

Susan Smith July 2019


Asset recovery is tricky business and needs to be handled with diplomacy, planning, intelligence gathering and a strike team that can move into and out of high treat areas fast and with precisioned accuracy. When our Clients need to evacuate a locale that is under unrest and get their families and valuable items out, SIA is the only team to rely on.


Our Operatives have experience in every corner of the known world and intimate knowledge of all areas with predicatable unrest. We coordinate and collaborate with local governments, NGO's and Embassies to ensure a planned evacuation is well executed.

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Our new App

Carol Simons July 2019


SIA is preparing the launch of its new App that will allow Clients to log in from their smart phones to view updates on their cases, send direct messages to the case manager and upload pics, video files and documents for SIA to effectively process their cases.


SIA has first class technology experts at its disposal to effectively execute on skip-tracing, search & rescue, asset recovery, missing persons and other tech requirements of its varied case-load.

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