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SIA provides a wide range of services to Governments, Corporations and private citizens. Our service inventory has been carefully planned and identifies core areas of need based on a culmination of collective years of field experience by our veteran teams.

Information Services


  • Criminal & Civil Court Research

  • Tax Liens/Judgments

  • FBN's/Assumed Names

  • Financial Assessments

  • Birth & Death Records

  • Real Property Search

Investigation Services


  • Corporate Intelligence

  • Personal Intelligence

  • Fraud Investigations – (Insurance, Maritime, Real Estate, Workers Comp, Employment Checks)

  • Background (Personal, Employment, Marital, Medical Audits)

  • Criminal (Fraud, Security Compromises, Sexual Assault, Theft)
Intelligence Services


  • Business Intelligence

  • Government Intelligence

  • NGO Intelligence

  • Domestic Intelligence

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